The Benefits of Organic Honey for Better Health

Health experts have always loved one kitchen staple, said to be a cure for many diseases, and a power food to obtain amazing nutritional value, “honey”. Known in ancient Ayurveda for its medicinal value, this simple, naturally found ingredient, helps in balancing the five elements of the body. It is unfortunate that such a great product has been degraded by the food industry.


Addition of corn syrup, glucose solution, and rice syrup is very common in commercial versions and single pollen honey or lower quality products are often supplied to the customers. This is the reason why more and more people are opting for organic raw honey these days!

Honey has many uses and far more benefits, if used in its true form. However, honey we are buying today is stripped off its benefits through adulteration before it reaches the store shelves. Only organic honey ensures optimum benefits to the body. It is rich in flavonoids and has anti-oxidant as well as anti-bacterial properties that help in many common as well as fatal ailments. Ayurveda encourages use of natural or raw honey, which today we get as organic honey. In Ayurveda, honey is an essential ingredient in treatments as it is believed to heal the body by balancing its five elements and increasing its immunity.

Prevention of cancer and heart diseases, reduction in gastronomical disorders, relief from ulcers, cough as well as throat irritation, regulation of blood sugar, are all benefits of honey which can only be obtained from its purest form. On the other hand, the market version of honey may not be giving you its maximum benefits. Moreover, it can be related to many health issues, caused due to unwanted fermentation taken place inside the bottle due to adulteration. Natural honey or raw honey is the purest form of honey, sold by many organic food companies such as ‘Organic Soul’ in order to help customers get access to this less found but more beneficial form. So, let’s buy organic and eat organic to make our honey taste better and our bodies be healthier!